Jack Rosen

Partner - Since 1965

Mr Rosen is how it all began in 1965. His mantra to put you first weaves through everything we do.

John-Paul Lisica

Partner - Since 2008

John-Paul is our technical guru. We haven’t found an issue yet John-Paul can’t solve.
B.Com, CA

Phillip Lebovits

Partner - Since 1997

Phillip is our calm pillar of wisdom. When things don’t make sense, Philip makes them do.

David Abeshouse

Associate - Since 1985

David is the entrepreneur among us with a great knack to look beyond the numbers.

Ronnie Booth

Admin - Joined 2004

Ronnie is the first voice you hear when you call and the first person you meet when you visit. When Ronnie goes on holidays, the wheels come off the wagon.

Heidi Mirels

Corporate Affairs - Joined 1998

Heidi is our ASIC ninja. If ASIC is not your new best friend right now, Heidi will be.

George Karatzas

Tax Accountant - Joined 1990

George is our quiet achiever. With a few words George moves mountains.

Jane Chen

Tax Accountant - Joined 2016

Jane is our in-house master of MYOB and Xero and the one we all turn to for advice.
B.Com, CA

Wendy Wen

Tax Accountant - Joined 2017

Wendy is our example of light-speed efficiency. When we need something done yesterday, we turn to Wendy.
B.Com, CPA

Heide Robson

Tax Accountant – Joined 2017

Heide is our tax nerd who reads tax updates for entertainment.
B.Com, MBA, CA